(RE)COMPOSE presented works of art which combined familiar objects with raw, organic materials; creating pieces with potential for growth, decay, and preservation. Each artist explored the transformative nature of their mediums to emphasize a relationship between perception and time. Whether distancing us from pain, skewing our memories, or predicting the future through the patterns it leaves behind, the sense of time each artist evoked offered alternate perceptions of material attachments, highly personal memories, and shared intimacy.

This exhibition was organized through the ArtPrize Eight Fellowship for Emerging Curators program. Curator Brianna Lynn Hernandez Baurichter was parntered with the Grand Rapids Art Museum and their Chief Curator, Ron Platt for this fellowship.

(RE)COMPOSE was selected by juror Steve Dietz as one of the five nominees for the Outstanding Venue juried award. Special thanks to Tim Albon, Brandon Alman, Alex Baar, Jennifer Bafile, Kristy Carey, James Duncan, Leah Gose, MacKenzie Lund, Liv Lyszyk, Anthony Mead, Katie Moore, James Nantelle, Lauren Rude, Erin Schaenzer, Natalie Wetzel, and all of the ArtPrize Eight volunteers.

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